After finding himself locked inside of a hospital overnight, Stef struggles as he's left alone with his thoughts.
1st Place Winner of the 2023 Baltimore Screenwriters Competition.
True, a young woman that's been trapped inside of a reinforced shed and observed by a scientist for most of her life, fights her way out to live freely.
Winner of Stevenson University's 2021 Screenwriting Contest. Linked is the completed film.
In the middle of the apocalypse, a young mother bit by a zombie laments over her decision to keep her son close to her as she succumbs.
(a sample exercise voiced by Jeannette Chien)
In the days leading up to the 300th anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials, four witchy roommates prepare to celebrate. In all the excitement and dysfunction, Elijah has to deal with the repercussions of breaking the House Guardian.
Two paintings in an art museum become animate; fun ensues. 
Nyla (2019) - Excerpt
Nyla, a young girl, travels to her older sister's house in the middle of the night to convince her to teach her magic against their mother's wishes.
Kioka and her apprentice, Faye, are given the job of exorcising a church; a demon resides in its walls, and Faye finds herself fighting this battle alone.
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